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Coronavirus policies

4.1 The Women’s Health Clinic recognises that the outbreak of a new strain of coronavirus SARS coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2) which results in the disease COVID-19 is a fast-moving situation. With the WHO stating that it is too early to say whether the disease will be labelled an ‘outbreak’, The Women’s Health Clinic understands that the World Health Organisation have stated that countries should be preparing themselves. As healthcare providers, ensuring robust infection control and business continuity plans form part of preparing business at The Women’s Health Clinic for any events.

4.2 The Women’s Health Clinic will ensure that staff are aware and understand the importance of pandemic preparedness and will carry out preparations by following the checklist in the Pandemic Policy and Procedure at The Women’s Health Clinic. The Women’s Health Clinic understands that business continuity planning involves all aspects of the business and to be effective The Women’s Health Clinic must work with their partners, suppliers and commissioners to ensure that a safe and effective service can be maintained.

4.3 The Women’s Health Clinic understands that they have a responsibility for ensuring that staff follow good infection control and prevention techniques. The Women’s Health Clinic will ensure that staff have access to reliable information to reduce anxiety and dispel any myths and inaccurate information that may# cause worry or distress to staff or Patients.


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