Reflex Incontinence

Spinal or neurological trauma that results in a reduction of, or complete loss of sensation to the bladder. This is seen in patients with conditions such as MS, or spinal cord injury

Reasons for incontinence occurring

• Vulvo Vaginal atrophy (VVA)
• Menopause changes
• Injury (from a catheter, surgery or an accident)
• Childbirth (Vaginal and Caesarean)
• Connective tissue disorders
• Urethral (urine tube) changes
• Medications (Diuretics)
• Urine infections
• Caffeine/alcohol
• Constipation
• Excess weight

Treatments available:

• Vaginal Laser treatment & ongoing assessment
• Pelvic floor exercise (including during pregnancy)
• Referral and treatment with specialist women’s physiotherapy
• Use of electro-stimulation devices and weights. (Kegel 8, Neen pericalm, Aquaflex weights)
• Medication/medication changes
• Bladder Training
• Reduction in caffeine/alcohol intake
• Relaxation therapies and cognitive behaviour training
• Pelvic floor assessment and education

Surgical procedures:

• Trans Vaginal Tape (TVT)
• Mesh repair
• Anterior/posterior repair of vagina
• Vaginoplasty
• Urethraplasty