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Vaginal Dryness

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Vaginal dryness is a condition that affects many women, and can lead to discomfort and pain during intercourse. The most common cause of vaginal dryness is hormonal changes, such as those that occur during aging. Other conditions can also cause dryness, such as breastfeeding, smoking, depression, stress, and cancer treatments. At The Women’s Health Clinic the Nu-V® non-surgical Vaginal dryness treatment is used to improve the health and vitality of vaginal tissue. We use our own Nu-V Carbon Dioxide Fractional Laser (CO2 ) technology that is highly effective in dealing with Vaginal dryness.

Vaginal Dryness

The effects of vaginal dryness include burning, loss of interest in sex, pain with sexual intercourse, light bleeding, soreness, urinary tract infections, and vaginal itching or stinging. This condition can cause a lot of embarrassment for women, which may prevent them from talking about it with their medical professional or partner.
Vaginal dryness is a common occurrence that affects many women, and it is important to seek medical help if the discomfort persists or if you experience pain with sexual intercourse. There are many treatments available for this condition, and several ways to help prevent it. It is important to talk to your nurse about your symptoms if you are experiencing this condition.

Vaginal Dryness – symptoms

The main cause of vaginal dryness is decreased estrogen production. This decrease can happen due to perimenopause, breastfeeding, smoking, depression, stress, immune system disorders, childbirth, rigorous exercise, certain cancer treatments, and surgery to remove the ovaries. Additionally, certain medications, douching, and creams and lotions can also contribute to dryness.
If the symptoms of vaginal dryness last longer than a few days, or if you experience pain with intercourse, it is important to seek medical help. During an exam, your doctor may examine the vaginal walls, take a sample of vaginal
discharge, and perform a hormone test to determine if you are in perimenopause or menopause.

Why - vaginal dryness (possible causes)?
Vaginal dryness often stems from declining estrogen levels, which naturally occur with age or during menopause. This hormonal shift leads to thinner and less elastic vulvar and vaginal tissues, resulting in dryness. Additionally, various factors can contribute to vaginal dryness, including breastfeeding, hormonal birth control, cancer treatments, diabetes, specific medications, ovarian removal, Sjogren’s syndrome, lack of sexual arousal, and the use of scented or perfumed products in the vaginal area. Understanding the potential causes of vaginal dryness is essential for addressing and managing this common concern.
How - vaginal dryness (Vulvovaginal dryness diagnosis)?
Vaginal dryness (Vulvovaginal dryness) is diagnosed by healthcare providers through a combination of medical history assessment and a physical examination. During this process, your symptoms and medication use will be discussed. The examination typically includes a pelvic exam to evaluate the vaginal tissue, which may reveal thinness, dryness, and redness. Blood tests may also be conducted to identify potential hormonal imbalances or underlying health conditions contributing to vaginal dryness. Additionally, your healthcare provider may analyze a vaginal discharge sample to rule out alternative causes or detect signs of infection. This comprehensive evaluation aids in determining the precise cause of your vaginal dryness.
How - vaginal dryness (treatment)?
Addressing vaginal dryness (Vulvovaginal dryness) involves a range of treatment options tailored to its underlying causes. Medication choices include topical estrogen in various forms, such as tablets, creams, vaginal suppositories, or rings, and other oral options prescribed by your GP. Lubricants and moisturizers play a vital role, with vaginal moisturizers and lubricants applied before sexual intercourse. Alternative approaches encompass CO2 laser treatments similar to Nu-V, regular sexual stimulation, and consideration of topically applied natural oils like coconut or olive oil, though their use with condoms requires caution. These versatile options offer effective solutions to alleviate vaginal dryness, with choices to suit individual needs and preferences.

Vaginal Dryness – Nu-V

In a Nu-V procedure, our CO2 laser device is inserted into the vagina. The laser heats the tissue of the vaginal wall, causing changes that are thought to increase the strength and elasticity of the vagina. The aim is to improve the symptoms of Reduced Vaginal Dryness.


Non surgical treatment by Nurse
Single for £499
Triple for £995 (£332 each)
Delivered by CQC registered Nurse-led clinics nationwide

Nu-V CO2 Vaginal Laser

Safe | Quick | Medical | Delivered with TLC


Watch these remarkable videos:

- Our patient Lindsey Hiatt on ITV This morning speaking about her journey with The Womens Health Clinic and Vaginal Rejuvenation
- Our founder Emma Louise (Soos) speaks about her journey with BBC Nottingham
- Our founder Emma Louise (Soos) speaks about her journey with BBC Bristol
- Our patient Sara Carson on BBC peaking about her journey with The Womens Health Clinic and Vaginal Rejuvenation

Nu-V Vaginal non-surgical laser treatment

Treatment Scope

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Vaginal laxity

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Lichen sclerosis

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women health center icon padded 21

Itching and dryness

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Painful sex

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Loss of elasticity and tone

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Vaginal looseness

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Vaginal atrophy


The Nu-V® Vaginal Rejuvenation treatment offers complete vaginal rejuvenation that includes a laser treatment to both the internal and external parts of the vagina.

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15-minute procedure

This 15-minute procedure involves no surgery and takes place in a nurse-led clinic where privacy is guaranteed and no pain has yet been recorded.

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Zero downtime

Unlike other treatments, Nu-V involves zero downtime from work, with just a few days of rest recommended before becoming involved in heavy lifting or sex.
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Similar to a smear test, the Nu-V laser is inserted inside the vagina to create tiny wounds that encourage the bodies healing process, reversing any effects from age, childbirth or menopause that may have occurred.
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As a Nu-V patient you will be given a dedicated nurse that will help with your questions after treatment. Plus, access to an exclusive Facebook community.
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A single treatment of Nu-V, which offers rejuvenation both internally and externally. And our gold standard triple pack, where 3 treatments can be taken over a year period to offer complete vaginal rejuvenation for most conditions.
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About Nu-V

Nu-V was developed as an effective and viable alternative to costly and potentially risky surgery. After the first treatment many patients feel a noticeable
difference in the appearance and sensation of their vagina. Book your free consultation today. Patients can return to normal after the treatment
with a direction to stay away from heavy lifting and to abstain from sex for four days. Everything else can be done as normal.

Nu-V is perfect for women and their partners who find laxity issues impair sexual performance, confidence and sensitivity. A tighter, rejuvenated vagina promises moistness, firmness both inside and out and heightens pleasure for both partners. Our unique ‘clitoral sensitivity enhancement’ technique increases blood flow to the important area, making any sexual experience more fulfilling for you.

Nu-V is a non-surgical, non-invasive treatment offering improved vaginal health with aesthetic and sexual improvement in one non-invasive 15 minute treatment. If you suffer from laxity, dryness or lack of sexual confidence then Nu-V is perfect for you, offering results that continue to improve over time.


Our all-women nurse team are carefully selected to go through a training regime like no other. We make it mandatory for all our nurses to have the Nu-V treatment themselves in order that they can experience the life changing treatment and talk about it more intimately with the patients.

Nu-V Non Surgical Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation

Childbirth, menopause, ageing and other natural factors changes the health and anatomy of Women’s vagina. The resulting effects ( vaginal laxity, tightening, dryness, painful sex, vaginal atrophy, Lichen sclerosis, stress and urinary incontinence etc ) fundamentally changes the lives of women in a way that quite often is very difficult to share and discuss even with the closest of friends let alone the GP. So women suffer in silence and more often than not this is perceived as being the norm.

Nu-V Mission

At The Women’s Health Clinic, we are passionate about changing the lives of women. We actively campaign to inform & educate as well as providing valuable care to our patients. We are often asked “am I normal?” by women in all walks of life. So we have started a campaign in order that women can make their views heard and also educate others. Our nurses take immense pride in the work they do and they difference they make everyday.


Nu-V (an extraordinary journey)

Nu-V Vaginal non-surgical laser treatment is the result of one woman’s perseverance of not taking “No” for an answer and going against all perceived “norm” to innovate a new way of dealing with Women’s Sexual and Vaginal Health following her traumatic post-partum issues on the NHS. Emma is the innovator of Nu-V and the founding director of The Womens Health Clinic where the core mantra is “Womens Health Matter”.

Nu-V Treatment Highlights

Tissue shrinkage

Zero downtime

Moisture restoration

Enhanced sex drive

No surgery, no scarring

No pain or infection risk

Relief from stress incontinence

A tight and youthful vagina

The Nu-V Story

Why was Nu-V created? Founding Director and urology nurse Emma explains…

Developed by the Women’s Health Clinic Managing Director, Emma Soos, Nu-V is proud to be the worlds first laser both developed and delivered by nurses.
Nu-V is delivered by specialist women nurses. It uses a uniquely-designed laser probe enclosed within tube to protect both the probe and the skin. Nu-V uses innovative CO2 laser technology to carefully heat & damage the tissue surface safely, contracts existing fibres and helps to stimulate the formation of new collagen. It increases normal blood flow which helps to restore the strength and elasticity of the vaginal tissue as well as improve other vaginal problems like vaginal laxity, tightening, dryness, painful sex, vaginal atrophy, Lichen sclerosis, stress and urinary incontinence etc.
Emma, a specialist in urology and lasers, first began to look further into the treatment when she was offered no relief for her own post-partum issues on the NHS.

Nu-V was developed in 2016 and has since been used to treat thousands of women both in the UK and beyond. Relieving issues of laxity, incontinence, atrophy and sexual dysfunction, the laser is a beacon for women suffering from a lack of understanding in the health care service.

Now, with her team of specialist, trained nurses who have all experienced the Nu-V treatment themselves, Emma is pleased to see her own invention being used across The Women’s Health Clinics, bringing satisfaction to women the UK over.

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Celebrity Vagina

Why is it always in the News?

We live in a moder age and the “Vagina” is still a taboo subject and one would be forgiven for thinking that a vaginal treatment is no longer something that grabs headlines, sells tabloids and more disappointing of all pushes the primitive narrative of “designer vagina” “vaginal facelift” and many alike. We are women and we all have one and it needs looking after as much as the other parts of our body. This should not be a headline news!

Nu-V Non Surgical Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation

Vaginal treatments specially the surgery is still a divisive conversation topic against the backdrop of the recent development of the Nu-V medical CE laser, Other lasers, aesthetic lasers, Hifu and radio frequency treatments. Following FDA warning these treatments have caused intense international debate. It is absolutely true that many non-medical practitioners are allowed to carry out this procedure on women and it truly is quite alarming. The Women’s Health Clinic is one of the first in the UK to pioneer such treatment and actively campaigning for this treatment to be strictly regulated.

It seems that the showbiz aesthetic culture spread down the waistline and yes we are talking about Vagina and not Butt which also seem to have its fair share of attention, one must hasten to add. So a medical procedure now has become the talk of the town for absolutely the wrong reason.

Today’s hottest stars from Kim Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, Brandi Glanville, Briana Dejesus, Hazel E, Sonja Morgan, Renee Graziano, Gemma Collins, Cynthia Bailey, Sharon Osbourne, Jenna Jameson, Danielle Lloyd, Kelly Deadmon, Jada Pinkett Smith, Farrah Abraham, Kelly Deadmon, Alice Goodwin to many more chose to publicise their procedure in some cases in a very graphic and outspoken manner.

Nu-V is not a designer vaginal facelift

While women power is a great thing and we are all about women taking back control of their bodies. But the sensationalism is counter productive to women power and rights. The only reason comedians always get a laugh and papers finds provocative headline focussing on vagina, is that vagina is still a taboo subject and as long as that remains the case, we will make very little progress addressing many urgent Women’s Health issues.

Am I normal?
Women are constantly changing. Through puberty to motherhood and on to menopause, our education and medical profession offer a simplified version of what it is like to be a woman. But we change. We evolve. And we all have the same question…Am I normal?
Read more
Through puberty to motherhood and on to menopause, our education and medical profession offer a simplified version of what it is like to be a woman. But we change. We evolve. And we all have the same question…Am I normal? A recent survey conducted by The Women’s Health Clinic found that 57% of women do not feel comfortable talking about their female health to the medical profession. From general health to childbirth and menopause, women and their families do not always understand the lifecycle of female health which leads to embarrassment and confusion. The survey found that although 87% went through sexual education at school, the majority agree that better awareness of general female health complaints, common problems with fertility, childbirth and the menopause would have greatly benefited their education. Limited access to female health professionals, nurses and the general appointment system we have do not always fit around the life of a working woman or mother who can feel vulnerable in a ‘treat-all’ GP surgery that tries to solve her changing concerns within a 10-minute appointment. Then, upon turning to the internet, women often find themselves censored from looking for this information as search engines deem our questions ‘adult content’, restricting the expertise of the medical community out there. So our frustration is very obvious! While so much graphic and sensational coverage is dominating our mainstream and digital media, very little attention is give in addressing issue of Women’s Sexual Health in a productive and healthy manner.
Feefo-V-Angela Perry_72
Women and Nu-V
There are medical, personal, emotional and critical reasons why women choose to undertake Nu-V Vaginal CO2 Laser treatment, however, many young mothers are opting for the Nu-V Vaginal CO2 Laser treatment after giving birth in order to rejuvenate and tighten their vagina.
Read more
The laser works by stimulating collagen growth in the vaginal tissue, improving muscle tone and increasing sensation during sexual intercourse. This is something that many women are conscious of after the birth of their children. In fact, many women experience a lack of confidence and a low self-esteem as their body changes post-partum, so the Nu-V Vaginal CO2 Laser treatment can help these women to feel more like themselves, restoring their confidence and helping them to feel desired again.

For those celebrities who are always in the limelight, this lack of confidence can be a key concern as their bodies are seen by millions around the world and their confidence has direct connection in the way they engage with their followers and press. While the public may not see the physical results of a Nu-V Vaginal CO2 Laser treatment, their regained confidence is playing a key role in their public life.

While this is one of the most popular reasons for celebrities loving this procedure, there are other benefits that many women may be searching for when they choose Nu-V.

You can find a lot more about the Nu-V Vaginal CO2 Laser treatment treatment here

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What makes us special? Why come to us?

Competitors have a similar modality, either CO2 ( Mona Lisa Touch and Femilift), Radio frequency or High Frequency Ultrasound.

Outcome is based on the two principles of Heat shrinking existing collagen and inducing a controlled wound healing cascade, the result of which is new collagen growth over weeks and months..

Why choose us? What is different?

In terms of technology, very little. The effects on collagen are well documented and the safety profile of devices is well known over many years and repeated studies in to the structural changes and patient satisfaction.

Why Choose TWHC and the NU-V?

Nu-v is delivered using a medical CE approved CO2 laser manufactured solely for TWHC to very high clinical grade standards and is approved by FDA etc.

TWHC: What makes us special? Why come to us?

The service is completely Nurse-led, and founder Emma Soos developed the service using an existing well researched and successful CO2 treatment program, and adapted to fit in to women’s other needs.

Our clinical and managing director hold clinics weekly. We feel it important to be present in day to day practice as well as finding it a very fulfilling role. It helps us to support our nurses better and hear our patients directly

We make the best use of your time: The treatment takes 10-15 minutes. All appointments are 45 mins for initial and 30 mins for follow-ups, making the treatment time efficient for busy women. This is preceded by a 20 minute telephone consultation to ensure you get an appointment with the most appropriately trained nurse for your condition. You can choose to have your treatment on the day of consultation if you wish.

There are no sales people. The website and content is written by nurses. All telephone calls and consultations are with a registered nurse who is non-clinical in order to be available all day every day. If you need to speak to your practitioner, you can book in for a free catch up.

All our nurses and midwives are specialists in their field. We have skill sets including, Midwifery, pelvic floor specialists, Urology, Sexual & reproductive health (contraception and fertility ), gynaecology, Menopause, and ante-natal care. Most of nurses practice daily in their specialist field, enabling them to keep up to date with current practice in their area of expertise.

With our unique skill set we are able to pick up on other related conditions which may have been missed in any other setting such as an aesthetic practitioner using a generic device without the anatomical knowledge or experience.

Many of our nurses are prescribers and can prescribe adjuvant therapies as necessary, saving time visiting other Drs.

This skill set enables us to create the more complex cases that other providers may shy away from.

We recommend a gold standard of 3 treatments in a year, with annual top up, in line with clinical studies that have been proven to work for the majority of patients. We acknowledge that some patients may need less ( rarely more) than the recommendation treatments and our pricing structure allows for all budgets, allowing patients to pay for their treatment program in stages or having as many or as few they feel they need/want.

Our treatments are priced to generously reflect the budget of the majority patients rather than those more more able to afford the same treatment for £1,000’s rather than £100’s. This enables us to meet the needs of those ladies with tighter budget constraints that suffer the same issues. We have significantly lower outgoings due to our relationships with our clinic partners

We offer on-going review and follow-up by telephone and patient survey forms and routinely offer patients ways to get in touch to provide feedback.

We are a registered CQC practice.

We are a viable option and alternative to surgery for symptom management and diagnosis. Two of the main surgical procedures for Stress incontinence have been withdrawn this year, leaving women with very little choice to alleviate suffering from this very common condition.

We are your voice and advocate. If we need to refer you for specialist advice such as urology, gynaecology or physio, we are your advocate and voice to ensure you get what you need from health care providers as a standard. No more gatekeepers or having to bare all in a 7 minute GP appointment

We provide internal and external rejuvenation as a standard package. Other clinics only offer internal rejuvenation.

We are all women and we have all received the treatments ourselves, and have a wide and varied gynaecological history each, as do our patients.

The treatment was recently recommended as a possible solution to Vaginal atrophy by the British Menopause Society of which our menopause specialist nurses are a member of.

We are committed to ongoing research to develop a treatment pathway that will be proposed to the NHS and NICE based on our retrospective research of patient data with other studies proposed in the future for other clinical indications for which we have been able to help with.

We have fantastic patient relationships, some of our patients have been key players in helping to support the growth of our business and have appeared in the media and TV. These patients are happy to chat with any of our clients wishing to hear their real stories ( some of these are on our websites)

We work closely with our device manufacturer. We have a bespoke operating system with a very strong working relationship. This enables us to adapt our equipment to be more efficient in real time and quickly as we discover better ways for it to work.

We often have events that patients can be invited to, extending our message to all women. We have facebook pages, and are active online.

All our clinic activity happens in private rooms, from consultation, to treatment, and even payment. Nobody in the waiting room or reception need ever know why you are with us

We are actively involved in campaigns to improve the outcomes for all aspects of women health. Our am I normal campaign ( link) is one aspect. We are embarking on a program of education in the work place to raise awareness of women’s health issues based on patients requests for more information.

We are continually reviewing our practice and improving our services based on patient requirements and feedback. We are adding other aspects to the treatment such as using growth factors in blood platelets to enhance our treatment outcomes

We have access to a Consultant Oncology ( cancer) gynaecologist who is on hand for specialist advice.

We are constantly introducing new services in women health to ensure as many aspects of women health are covered in one place. These have been influenced by patients request, such as our bio-identical hormone service.

We have a reliable supplier chain: We work closely with this who have specialist skills such as Dr Marion Gluck, a new women’s physio, psychosexual counsellor and nutritionist to ensure all women’s health is addressed as holistically as possible.


Watch these remarkable videos:

- Our patient Kimberly Hanson speaking about her journey with The Womens Health Clinic and Vaginal Rejuvenation
- Our founder Emma Louise (Soos) speaks about her journey and why she has created Nu-V
- Our patient the famous Antonella speaking about her journey with The Womens Health Clinic and Vaginal Rejuvenation
- Our patient Sara Carson peaking about her journey with The Womens Health Clinic and Vaginal Rejuvenation

The effective, safe, low cost non-surgical option.

Nu-V was developed as an effective and viable alternative to costly and potentially risky surgery. After the first treatment many patients feel a noticeable
difference in the appearance and sensation of their vagina. Book your free consultation today. Patients can return to normal after the treatment
with a direction to stay away from heavy lifting and to abstain from sex for four days. Everything else can be done as normal.

Nu-V is perfect for women and their partners who find laxity issues impair sexual performance, confidence and sensitivity. A tighter, rejuvenated vagina promises moistness, firmness both inside and out and heightens pleasure for both partners. Our unique ‘clitoral sensitivity enhancement’ technique increases blood flow to the important area, making any sexual experience more fulfilling for you.

Nu-V is a non-surgical, non-invasive treatment offering improved vaginal health with aesthetic and sexual improvement in one non-invasive 15 minute treatment. If you suffer from laxity, dryness or lack of sexual confidence then Nu-V is perfect for you, offering results that continue to improve over time.

Vaginal rejuvenation, Laser, Tightening - What?

Vaginal rejuvenation refers to the various medical procedures aimed at correcting issues with the vagina. These issues may arise due to a range of factors, including childbirth, aging, and genetics, leading to symptoms such as urinary incontinence, vaginal dryness, sagging skin, and reduced sexual pleasure. As a result, many individuals seek vaginal rejuvenation as a means of restoring the appearance and function of their vagina. There are both surgical and non-surgical options available for vaginal rejuvenation.

Vaginal rejuvenation, Laser, Tightening - Why?

Women often opt for vaginal rejuvenation to address the effects of childbearing and menopause on their bodies, such as decreased vaginal tightness, lack of lubrication, and reduced sexual intimacy. This procedure aims to mitigate these symptoms and improve the following conditions:

• Sagging skin in the vaginal area
• Uncontrollable urine leakage during physical activities
• Difficulty retaining urine
• Decreased sexual desire
• Excessive dryness
• Pain during sexual intercourse
• Diminished sexual sensation and satisfaction
• Low self-confidence or self-esteem.

Vaginal Surgery, Laser, Tightening - How (Surgery)?

Surgical vaginal rejuvenation involves the use of sedation or anesthesia and is typically performed by a gynecologist or plastic surgeon. The following procedures are commonly performed for vaginal rejuvenation:

• Labia reshaping: Modifying the appearance of the labia or the vaginal lips.
• Vaginectomy: Restoring the tightness of the vaginal canal, commonly after childbirth.
• Clitoral hood reduction: Removing any excessive tissue that covers the clitoris.
• Mons reduction: Eliminating fatty tissue in the mons pubis area.
• Vulvar reshaping: Modifying the appearance of the external genitalia.
• Perineal strengthening: Reinforcing the perineum, the space between the vagina and anus.

The specifics of your vaginal rejuvenation surgery will vary depending on the type of procedure you undergo. Prior to undergoing any surgery, you will have a consultation with a surgeon to assess your symptoms and desired outcomes. It is important to use this time to ask any questions you may have and fully understand the potential risks and benefits of the procedure.

Duration of the surgery can range anywhere from one to two hours, depending on the complexity of the procedure and the techniques used by the surgeon. General anesthesia is typically administered for these surgeries, which are performed in an outpatient setting. While you are asleep, the surgeon will make carefully placed incisions in your vulva or vagina, and surrounding tissue and muscle, and will then close the incisions using dissolvable sutures.

After the surgery, your surgeon will provide you with specific post-operative instructions, including limitations on certain activities, such as sexual intercourse. You may be given ice packs and pain medication to alleviate any discomfort, but it is important to note that you will not feel any pain during the surgery due to the general anesthesia.

It is crucial to thoroughly understand the procedure, the potential risks involved, and the post-operative instructions before giving your consent for any surgical procedure. Following these instructions is important in avoiding infection or injury.

Vaginal rejuvenation, Laser, Tightening - How (Non-Surgery)?

Nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation is a minimally invasive option with a minimal downtime. It aims to tighten and tone the vaginal area without the need for needles or surgery. This method of rejuvenation works by heating the upper layers of vaginal tissue, stimulating the creation of additional collagen and firmer tissue in the underlying layers.

Some common nonsurgical treatments include:

• CO2 laser therapy: Utilizing a laser to heat the upper layers of vaginal tissue, thereby inducing the creation of more collagen in the lower layers, resulting in tighter and firmer skin. Examples of laser devices include MonaLisa Touch, FemTouch, and FemiLift.
• Radiofrequency (RF) treatment: Using electromagnetic waves to heat the vaginal tissue and increase blood flow, leading to collagen production. Brands of RF devices include Nu-V, Monalisa Touch, Familift, Viveve, Emsella, and ThermiVA.
• Both RF and laser treatments are performed in a clinical setting and typically do not require any local anesthesia. Patients are able to resume their daily activities without the need for extended recovery time.

Nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation offers a minimally invasive solution for enhancing the tone and tightness of the vaginal area. The procedure involves the use of laser or radiofrequency technology, which delivers controlled heat to the tissue to stimulate collagen production and rejuvenate the skin. The treatment is performed by a skilled provider and typically lasts from 5 to 30 minutes, depending on the intensity of the laser or RF waves and the specific procedure being performed.

During the procedure, a probe equipped with a light-emitting device is inserted into the vagina or applied to the external genital area. The provider uses gentle rotations or strokes to evenly distribute the heat and stimulate collagen production. Nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation is a painless procedure that may require the use of a topical anesthetic, although discomfort is generally minimal.

Following the procedure, you may experience some redness or swelling, which should subside within 24 to 48 hours. To achieve the best results, it's important to follow all of your provider's post-procedure instructions, including avoiding sexual activity and tampon use for a few days. You may require multiple treatments to reach your desired outcome.

Vaginal rejuvenation, Laser, Tightening - Benefits?

• Enhance the tightness of the vagina
• Provide a solution for urinary incontinence
• Boost lubrication and moisture levels
• Enhance vaginal sensitivity and sensations
• Strengthen weak muscles in the vagina and pelvic area
• Alleviate pain during intercourse
• Enhance the appearance of the vulvar region, including the labia, clitoris, and vaginal opening

Vaginal rejuvenation, Laser, Tightening - What can go wrong?

Vaginal rejuvenation, whether surgical or non-surgical, may carry certain risks that should be considered before undergoing the procedure. Not all treatments have been medically verified to be safe or effective. Among the potential risks associated with vaginal rejuvenation, surgical methods carry a higher level of risk. Some of these risks include: pain, bleeding, infection, scarring, and even painful intercourse (dyspareunia). It's important to discuss these potential risks with our nurses and weigh them against your desired outcomes before making a decision about whether to undergo vaginal rejuvenation treatment.

Vaginal rejuvenation, Laser, Tightening - Does it work?

The outcome of vaginal rejuvenation varies and not all treatments have been fully tested for safety and efficacy. The FDA (See our press release here : has issued warnings regarding the marketing practices of some companies offering vaginal rejuvenation. The ACOG has also warned against these procedures, dubbing the marketing tactics as "deceptive." It's important to have a thorough evaluation with our nurses and be fully aware of the potential risks and complications before undergoing any vaginal rejuvenation treatment.

The Many Names of Vaginal Rejuvenation!

When it comes to the world of vaginal rejuvenation, there's more to it than meets the eye—or rather, more ways to spell it than you might imagine. The search for information and procedures to enhance vaginal health and appearance often leads individuals down a linguistic rabbit hole. You see, there's "vaginal rejuvination," "baginal rejuvenation," "vaginal rejuv," "vajinal rejuvenation," "vaginalrejuvenation," "caginal rejuvination," "vagin rejuvenation," "vsginal rejuvenation," "vaganial rejuvenation," "vaginial rejuvenation," "vaginia rejuvenation," "vagianal rejuvenation," and even "vigina rejuvenation surgery."

But amidst these variations in spelling, the core concept remains unchanged. Vaginal rejuvenation encompasses a range of procedures and treatments designed to address concerns related to vaginal laxity, aesthetics, and overall well-being. It's fascinating to observe the diverse ways people search for this topic, and that's why we're here—to provide you with informative content that caters to your unique queries and interests. So, whether you're seeking information about vaginal rejuvenation, vaginoplasty, labiaplasty, (or you prefer to call it "vaginal rejuvination," "baginal rejuvenation," "vaginal rejuv," "vajinal rejuvenation," "vaginalrejuvenation," "caginal rejuvination," "vagin rejuvenation," "vsginal rejuvenation," "vaganial rejuvenation," "vaginial rejuvenation," "vaginia rejuvenation," "vagianal rejuvenation," and even "vigina rejuvenation surgery.") or any related topics, rest assured that you've come to the right place. We're here to guide you through the world of intimate wellness and help you make informed decisions about your health and happiness. Welcome to the journey of self-care and empowerment.

Nu-V Pricing

Do You Have Any Questions?

women healh center illustration 03

Where can I get the Nu-V treatment?

Is it safe ?Will this improve my sex life ?Nu-V is available on all of our clinics.

What equipment do you use for the Nu-V Treatment ?

Our own specially designed CE Medical Approved laser & RF system which is totally safe and highly effective.

Is this a cosmetic procedure ?

No, this is a medical procedure that must only be carried out by specially trained Nurses who are certfied to deliver the treatment.

Is there any pain or downtime after the treatment ?

There is no downtime, you can return to normal daily activities straight away, except for going to the Gym or Swimming. We recommend you take a 5 day break from these activities.

Some Patients have report a mild tingling, sunburn sensation or itching sensation for a few days, this is perfectly normal. Some patient report this is comparable to intimate waxing. You will have direct contact with a Nurse should you have any post-treatment concerns.

Is it painful ?

Most Patients report a “vibrating” feeling, we have no records of Patients reporting pain leading to abandonment of the procedure.

Does this mean I don’t need to have Labiaplasty ?

Our Nu-V technology will rejuvenate the labial tissue to shrink. Some patients feel that the result is satisfactory whilst others may wish to explore a more permanent options. Our nurse will discuss this with you.

How many treatments will I need ?

Each patient is different and your Nurse will advise. The recommendation is 3 treatments in a 12 month period. This is based on extensive clinical studies. However each patient is unique and can choose fewer or more treatments as they wish.

What happens aesthetically ?

Your practitioner will focus the specially designed head of the laser at the surface of the outer area of your vagina and with each pass the tissue will contract, the labia will shrink and you will experience improved blood flow around the clitoral area, which leads to heightened sensitivity, and many Patients report more intense orgasms.

How soon can I have sex after the treatment ?

How soon can I have sex after the treatment ?
We recommend 4-5 days, but you will know when you are ready. Ask your Nurse at the point of treatment if you are unsure.

How do I know if it works ?

You will experience tightening both internally and externally. Many patient report heightened sensual pleasure, lubrication and relief from symptoms such as leakage when you cough, incontinence and overall better health in that area.

How soon will I see results ?

This varies from patient to patient due to the nature of the tissues reaction to the Nu-V laser technology. It is normal to expect a progressive improvement over time. This is particularly true for those opting for triple plan.

How long does the treatment take ?

The treatment is very short. The treatment time is 15-20 minutes within your 45 minutes consultation giving you ample time to discuss your health issues with your nurse.

Is this treatment suitable for everyone?

Nu-V is suitable for the majority of our patients, but just to make sure all new patients undergo a free initial telephone consultation with our specialist nurse.

How does Nu-V work?

The best thing to do is watch the explainer video, it will show you everything you need to know.

Here’s a link to it.

Is it safe ?

Perfectly. The procedure is always carried out in a medical clinic by fully trained and experienced nurses.

What can I expect after the treatment?

Patients report improvement is sensitivity, penetrative pleasure, orgasm, wetness, confidence, tightness, and find their vagina more aesthetically attractive after the treatment.

What makes Nu-v such a good treatment ?

It is reported that up to 80% of women will suffer from vaginal laxity and the associated problems between the ages of 35 onwards. Until now, there has been no coherent and effective care pathway available, and as such a lot of women suffer in silence.
Nu-V is clinically proven, long lasting, highly effective and the results get progressively better.

How do you fix (Vulvovaginal) dryness down there?

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To address dryness in the vaginal area, consider using over-the-counter moisturizers and lubricants. Vaginal moisturizers come in two types, internal and external. Internal moisturizers are inserted into the vagina to enhance moisture and promote vaginal tissue health, while external options provide relief around the vaginal area. These products can be effective in combatting vaginal dryness and improving overall comfort.

How can I increase my natural lubrication?

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Boosting natural lubrication can be achieved through various natural methods. Consider incorporating vitamin A, vitamin B, and beta-carotene into your diet. Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E can also enhance lubrication. Exploring options like Nu-V CO2 vaginal laser treatment, estrogen treatments, and topical hyaluronic acid application may further aid in combating vaginal dryness and increasing natural lubrication. These holistic approaches offer effective ways to improve comfort and overall vaginal health.

Does drinking more water increase lubrication ((Vulvovaginal or vaginal dryness)?

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Hydration plays a crucial role in enhancing lubrication. Water is instrumental in the production of pre-ejaculate, a natural lubricant that safeguards the urethra and neutralizes harmful acidity that may affect sperm. By ensuring adequate water intake, you can promote the production of this fluid, leading to improved lubrication and enhanced sexual quality and mitigate vulvovaginal or vaginal dryness.

What does vaginal dryness feel like?

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Experiencing vaginal dryness often manifests as discomfort, including soreness or itching in and around the vaginal area. It may lead to pain or discomfort during sexual intercourse, an increased urge to urinate, and a higher likelihood of urinary tract infections (UTIs). Recognizing these symptoms is crucial in addressing and managing vaginal dryness effectively.

Our patient Sara Carson BBC Radio speaking about her journey

The WomensHealth Clinic patient, Sara Carson speaks about her cancer ordeal and its impact on her sexual health and relationship on BBC radio Jeremy Vine Show

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