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PRP is an abbreviation for Platelet Rich Plasma. Our blood is composed of various components, red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. Platelets are unique in a way that they contain growth factors that help repair and regenerate the area they are injected in. For e.g., if you have a cut and are bleeding the platelets come and form a plug that stops the bleeding, then they release growth factors that help in regeneration and repair of the cut.

The PRP treatments we provide are:

  • O Shot
  • G Shot

What is an ‘O’ Shot?

It is an injection of platelet rich plasma around the clitoris and urethral area to treat sexual disorders. This includes stress incontinence and sexual dysfunction.

What is a ‘G’ Shot?

Grafenberg spot or ‘G’ spot is an area in the vagina which is supposed to contain a conglomeration of nerves which play a role in orgasm. A ‘G’ shot is an injection of Platelet Rich Plasma to the ‘G’ Spot.  Unlike general misconception you cannot feel it. It is an area below the skin and is located 2 cm inside the vagina.

The process explained

Sexual function has 5 components, desire, arousal, lubrication, pain and orgasm. Current treatments include psychotherapy or testosterone (unlicensed use) which does not address all components of sexual function. Platelet rich plasma (PRP) injection to the clitoris and to the vagina has proven to be beneficial in studies to improve all 5 components of sexual function. Platelet rich plasma works in many different ways, studies have shown an increase in the pluripotent stem cells resulting in rejuvenation and increase in growth factors liberated from PRP that enhance blood supply and nerve growth. It is also said to relieve coital discomfort due to collagen remodelling and nerve growth.

There are only two injections involved with a very fine needle. We use numbing cream 20 mins before the procedure. It is similar to doing PRP for the face.

There are no risks to the PRP as it is from your own blood. Occasionally one can get flu like symptoms after PRP injection. However, this is very rare.

The recommended dose is 3 injections 6-8 weeks apart and studies show that it might last for upto a year. Most women will need maintenance on a yearly basis. However, the results are variable and

We advise avoiding baths or having sex for 48 hours mainly to prevent infection.

You shouldn’t feel any different after the procedure and should be able to carry on your day to day activities as normal.


Is this treatment suitable for all?2020-02-04T19:55:26+00:00

Yes, this treatment is suitable for all as it uses one’s own blood. Recent flu or infection makes the treatments less effective and we would advise patients to refrain from having these treatments for few weeks after infections.

How soon will I see the results?2020-02-04T19:54:50+00:00

We often expect improvement in symptoms even after the first injection. Maximum effect is seen after 3 injections 4-6 weeks apart.

How do I know if it has worked?2020-02-04T19:54:25+00:00

We request you to fill up the female sexual function (FSF) questionnaire which is a validated questionnaire to evaluate sexual function. We then monitor sexual function through follow up questionnaires. We expect you to notice improvement in desire, arousal, lubrication and orgasms. You would also notice an increase in wetness making sex less painful.

Is this a cosmetic procedure?2020-02-04T19:54:04+00:00

Though the procedure is provided in many aesthetic clinics, the procedure itself is for treatment of sexual dysfunction. Hence not purely considered as a cosmetic procedure

What equipment do we use?2020-02-04T19:53:40+00:00

We use the Reagen PRP tubes that provide 1.6 times concentration of platelets suspended in plasma. Each 10 ml of blood give 5-6 mls of PRP. We often concentrate the platelets to 3 mls for each tube to achieve better concentration of platelets.

Is there any down time after the treatment?2020-02-04T19:53:20+00:00

Immediately after the procedure it might be slightly uncomfortable. One would be able to carry on with their day to day activities. We advise avoiding baths or having sex for 48 hours mainly to prevent infection.

How many do I need and how long will it work?2020-02-04T19:51:46+00:00

The recommended dose is 3 injections 6-8 weeks apart and studies show that it might last for upto a year. Most women will need maintenance on a yearly basis. However, the results are variable.

Labial Filler/Puff

If you want to change the appearance of the outside of the vagina or also known as the Vulva labial filler is a good treatment. It is commonly known as the Vulva Puff.

Most women at or around menopause lose volume in the outer areas of the vagina. This is because as we get mature, we loose deep fat and also loose fat under the vulva. This makes the inner lips of the vulva more prominent giving it a saggy look or a protruding look on wearing a swimming costume. Filling the outer part of vagina also called as the labia increases the volume and replenishes the youthful look of the labia.

Women ask for this treatment for various reasons, the common ones are where the clitoris protrudes and appears prominent on the swimming costume because of loss of labial fat, prominence of the clitoris and the skin on the clitoris due to loss of labial fat. Some women request treatment only to improve the appearance of the outside of the vulva.

The process explained

We use a filler that is licenced to use in the external genitalia. However, any filler that creates volume can be used. The filler is injected into the Vulva to create a half moon shape on either side.


Can it be combined with any other procedures?2020-02-04T20:14:16+00:00

Yes, it can be combined with surgery like labiaplasty or clitoral hood reduction if necessary. We however, advice not to have surgery for 6 weeks after having labial filler to prevent migration during the procedure.

When will I see the result?2020-02-04T20:13:35+00:00

You will be able to see the result immediately but if often goes down as the swelling and the anaesthetic settles. Once the filler settles in 5-7 days, the final results will be visible. You can then reassess if more volume is needed in the labia.

How many treatments do I need?2020-02-04T20:12:39+00:00

We do treatments in a staged process. We often do 5-7 mls of filler on either side and reassess in 2 weeks’ time. Since we use 5mls of anaesthetic on either side, the labial volume will appear better but almost always go down once the anaesthetic fluid is absorbed.

Since we use Hyaluronic acid, the results last for 12-18 months. However, this is variable depending on the own’s own ability to breakdown hyaluronic acid. Most women will need top up of filler on a yearly basis.

Are there any risks?2020-02-04T20:12:19+00:00

Apart from bruising there is no other risks that are involved with the procedure. Occlusion of blood vessels as they happen in the face are very rare as labia is supplied by small blood vessels that join each other.

How much does this cost?2020-02-04T20:12:00+00:00

The cost of treatment varies with the volume loss in the labia and the amount of filler needed to fill the labial. The treatment is charged per ml of the filler used. The total cost of treatment can vary between three to five thousand pounds. Most women will need 8 to 10 ml at a minimum to create volume in the labia

What is the downtime?2020-02-04T20:11:41+00:00

Since the filler can move, we would advice you to abstain from sex for 5 days, swimming for 3 days. You can carry on with your day to day activities almost immediately. We will aos give you some instructions to keep the filler in place. None of these should prevent you from getting back to work immediately after.

Is the treatment painful?2020-02-04T20:09:03+00:00

We use numbing cream for 20 mins before the treatment which reduces the pain significantly. We use local anaesthtic at the needle entry point. Once we have made a passage for the needle, we use blunt edge cannulas to perform the treatment. We also inject local anaesthetic into the labia to prevent pain. Almost all women feel that the procedure was tolerable and wouldn’t mind having it again.

Basic Consultation: £250

Nu-V £699 for single and
£1,500 for 3 treatments

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Shots and PRP

O shot: £1,000
G shot: £1,000
Vaginal PRP: £1,000

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Vaginal Filler

Vaginal filler starts from £200 per ml

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I would 100% recommend this treatment, as it cured my slight incontinence and everything looks and feels as it did before childbirth. Brilliant treatment and the staff are so understanding.
Happy Nu-V Patient
I have definitely had a huge improvement in my bladder function since receiving 3 treatments, less leaking and better emptying. Thank you for a wonderful service
Happy Nu-V Patient
Very happy with the staff and very helpful

Had excellent results after only one treatment, and was amazed yet again after my second. Painless too! I Feel like I have my life back again, I can’t recommend this treatment highly enough. Worth every penny.
Happy Nu-V Patient
Hanna was lovely made me fell very comfortable and very confident about everything. I am very pleased so far with my procidia
I had a Nu-V treatment which has significantly improved my post menopause symptoms when nothing else worked and I am so glad I made the decision to have it done.
Happy Nu-V Patient
Fabulous staff, made you feel welcome and at ease.Will return

friendly and knowledgeable
Fantastic service.
The procedure was explained and I was allowed time to reflect. I went on and my life changed. It is so much improved,so much better.
Happy Nu-V Patient
Emma was very nice and professional. The condition of my urinary incontinence dramatically improved. Highly recommended
Happy Nu-V Patient
Can not express enough how life changing this has been for me. Feel like a woman again ,…. Thank you for making me smile again ????
An immediate continence improvement after the first session, bolstered by the second and third sessions six weeks apart. I am only sorry I didn’t do this sooner, it’s 90% improved and getting better by the day.
Happy Nu-V Patient
I had a rather wow result from my first treatment so definitely saw the benefits quickly. Its given me my confidence back and I feel like myself again
Happy Nu-V Patient
Very professional staff who made me feel comfortable.I would recommend the service and the clinic greatly.
Such a lovely team. Professional service and couldn’t be happier with my treatment
Fabulous staff, made you feel welcome and at ease. Will return
It could have been a nerve-wracking, uncomfortable experience but was made so much easier and more relaxing by the nurse Nicola who was exceptional.
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