At The Women’s Health Clinic we know our treatments can really make a difference and so when a patient loves their results so much they want to go on national radio and shout about it, we really feel great about our what we do. And that’s exactly what cancer survivor Sara Carson did when she visited BBC Radio 2 in November.

Sent into an early menopause with horrendous side effects Sara hadn’t been able to have a sexual relationship for 2-years. After a visit to us, 1 treatment and 4 days later she was able to have full intercourse once again. Now, she’s determined to tell her story and let the world know that sex after cancer is still possible with treatments like Nu-V.

Read her full blog here:

Or take a listen to her amazing interview on the BBC Radio 2 Jeremy Vine show as hosted by Paddy O’Connell.

We’d like to thank Sara for her frankness and wish her all the best, Nu-V has been tried and tested with cancer patients, those pre and post-surgery as well as women who have experienced FGM and mesh implants.