Is this treatment suitable for all?


Yes, this treatment is suitable for all as it uses one’s own blood. Recent flu or infection makes the treatments less effective and we would advise patients to refrain from having these treatments for few weeks after infections.

Is this treatment suitable for all?2020-02-04T19:55:26+00:00

How soon will I see the results?


We often expect improvement in symptoms even after the first injection. Maximum effect is seen after 3 injections 4-6 weeks apart.

How soon will I see the results?2020-02-04T19:54:50+00:00

How do I know if it has worked?


We request you to fill up the female sexual function (FSF) questionnaire which is a validated questionnaire to evaluate sexual function. We then monitor sexual function through follow up questionnaires. We expect you to notice improvement in desire, arousal, lubrication and orgasms. You would also notice an increase in wetness making sex less painful.

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Is this a cosmetic procedure?


Though the procedure is provided in many aesthetic clinics, the procedure itself is for treatment of sexual dysfunction. Hence not purely considered as a cosmetic procedure

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What equipment do we use?


We use the Reagen PRP tubes that provide 1.6 times concentration of platelets suspended in plasma. Each 10 ml of blood give 5-6 mls of PRP. We often concentrate the platelets to 3 mls for each tube to achieve better concentration of platelets.

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Is there any down time after the treatment?


Immediately after the procedure it might be slightly uncomfortable. One would be able to carry on with their day to day activities. We advise avoiding baths or having sex for 48 hours mainly to prevent infection.

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How many do I need and how long will it work?


The recommended dose is 3 injections 6-8 weeks apart and studies show that it might last for upto a year. Most women will need maintenance on a yearly basis. However, the results are variable.

How many do I need and how long will it work?2020-02-04T19:51:46+00:00
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