Can it be combined with any other procedures?


Yes, it can be combined with surgery like labiaplasty or clitoral hood reduction if necessary. We however, advice not to have surgery for 6 weeks after having labial filler to prevent migration during the procedure.

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When will I see the result?


You will be able to see the result immediately but if often goes down as the swelling and the anaesthetic settles. Once the filler settles in 5-7 days, the final results will be visible. You can then reassess if more volume is needed in the labia.

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How many treatments do I need?


We do treatments in a staged process. We often do 5-7 mls of filler on either side and reassess in 2 weeks’ time. Since we use 5mls of anaesthetic on either side, the labial volume will appear better but almost always go down once the anaesthetic fluid is absorbed. Since we use Hyaluronic acid, the [...]

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Are there any risks?


Apart from bruising there is no other risks that are involved with the procedure. Occlusion of blood vessels as they happen in the face are very rare as labia is supplied by small blood vessels that join each other.

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How much does this cost?


The cost of treatment varies with the volume loss in the labia and the amount of filler needed to fill the labial. The treatment is charged per ml of the filler used. The total cost of treatment can vary between three to five thousand pounds. Most women will need 8 to 10 ml at a [...]

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What is the downtime?


Since the filler can move, we would advice you to abstain from sex for 5 days, swimming for 3 days. You can carry on with your day to day activities almost immediately. We will aos give you some instructions to keep the filler in place. None of these should prevent you from getting back to [...]

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Is the treatment painful?


We use numbing cream for 20 mins before the treatment which reduces the pain significantly. We use local anaesthtic at the needle entry point. Once we have made a passage for the needle, we use blunt edge cannulas to perform the treatment. We also inject local anaesthetic into the labia to prevent pain. Almost all [...]

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