Many of our existing patients will have been examined and coached in pelvic floor exercises. We will publish the content  (as a PDF) of our pelvic floor leaflet which was compiled by one of our midwives for easy reference on the website and via social media. New patients looking for advice can schedule a call with one of our team for further free remote advice during the lockdown.
Other recommendations are:
  • Daily manual squeezes as you may have been taught by your practitioner.
  • Use of apps to help remind you, such as the NHS Squeezy app.
  • We hope to record some simple guidance via a video from our nurses and midwives ( These may be less professional than our usual quality as our team are all self-isolating, but will nonetheless be informative and helpful)
  • Use of simple self-purchased devices such as the Neen educator ( which our nurses can explain via the telephone if necessary), and our own range of Kegel weighted balls which we were due to launch next month with professional videos. ( Again we may need to record some interim instructions). These retail at £49.99 and as a special offer we are offering free postage and packing to UK addresses for all our existing patients during the lockdown period.