Get Beach Body Beautiful – Ab & Thigh delights


Striving hard for that perfect body and not getting the results can leave you feeling frustrated and demotivated. Sculpt and shape your body how you like it, then maintain your ongoing enhanced figure with a quality fitness and nutrition regime. Get beach body ready now and let us reveal those hidden Abs and reshape those [...]

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Au Natural Breasts – boost your confidence


Want natural looking larger breasts ? Scared of implants ? Fat Transfer for bigger breats is the safer more natrual looking alternative to implants and leaves breasts looking real, feeling natural and in perfect beauiful shape, just they way you want them. Book a free consultation and learn more about your options.

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BodySculpt XL – Your Body Reimagined


BodySculpt XL is our ultimate body shaping service combining the Genesis Clinic’s most sought after treatments to create a package that can truly transform your reflection. Firstly, we use our twin wavelength Laser Lipo system to target fatty areas and encourage smoother skin post treatment. We then utilize VASER® LipoSelection® system in conjunction with Fat [...]

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Your body the way you want it – perfect


VASER® LipoSelection® has already helped thousands of people realise amazing body confidence and achieve a shape that turns heads, and save on Liposuction costs. It can be frustrating after spending hours in the gym and following a healthy diet to be left with stubborn areas of fat that just won’t shift. Our genetics pay a [...]

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