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Kim Hanson on Daily Mail


The Women’s Health Clinic would like to make a statement that we actively support our patient Kim Hanson. Please sign and share where possible. Let’s make a positive change. No-one should be treated badly for speaking out about their own medical issues. We believe if women had more information about their bodies and what is [...]

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Sara Carson


My name is Sara, I’m 50, and after complications from cancer and the menopause I’d like to share my journey testing a radical new treatment. On February 9th 2017, Sara Carson entered The Womens Health Clinic in Canary Wharf, London to try the latest equipment in vaginal rejuvenation — NuV. This blog starts her journey, [...]

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Lyndsey Hiatt


My name is Lyndsey Hiatt. I’m 28-years old, a mother of five and a professional dog groomer. Life always has its ups and downs. And my life is no different.All of my newborn children were big, weighing from 8.6oz to 9.9oz. While having my last two children, I started to notice a difference in [...]

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