Showbiz Vaginal Rejuvenation


Celebrity Vagina - Why is it always in the News? Its 2022 and the “Vagina” is still a taboo subject and one would be forgiven for thinking that a vaginal treatment is no longer something that grabs headlines, sells tabloids and more disappointing of all pushes the primitive narrative of “designer vagina” “vaginal facelift” and [...]

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Lyndsey’s Journey: 1 Year On


Mum-of-five's story with our Nu-V treatment If you have a 15 minute Nu-V treatment (that helps with leakage, dryness and tightening the vagina) at one of our UK wide clinics - where could you be in one year's time? Our patient Lyndsey shares her journey. After giving birth to 5 children and receiving [...]

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Kim Hanson on Daily Mail


The Women’s Health Clinic would like to make a statement that we actively support our patient Kim Hanson. Please sign and share where possible. Let’s make a positive change. No-one should be treated badly for speaking out about their own medical issues. We believe if women had more information about their bodies and what is [...]

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