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Updates on The Women’s Health Clinic’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) actions Please note: this page will be regularly updated (bookmark this page to reference easily) CORONAVIRUS UPDATE – Thursday 27th January 2022I am pleased to see that some of the Covid restrictions we have had to endure over the past couple of years are slowly lifting. We [...]

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Special Offer for World Continence Week!


World Continence Week 2018 World Continence Week (WCW) is an annual initiative organised and run by the International Continence Society (ICS). It’s main goal is to raise awareness of incontinence related issues. It's primary aim is to show people that help is everywhere - all they have to do is ask. Nu-V vaginal [...]

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Online petition


Women are constantly changing. Through puberty to motherhood and on to menopause, our education and medical profession offer a simplified version of what it is like to be a woman. But we change. We evolve. And we all have the same question...Am I normal? A recent survey conducted by The Women’s Health Clinic found [...]

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