A new jab, Bulkamid, has been announced that can aid bladder problems. The injection aims to bulk up the neck of the bladder to protect against leakage. This is slightly different to the Nu-V laser, which instead targets old or damaged cells inside the vagina to promote the bodies own healing process that offer similar results. Managing Director and urology nurse Emma Soos adds, “The great thing about the laser is that if a woman is suffering leakage from around the urethra we can focus the laser on that particular area allowing the body to bulk up the area naturally through wound healing.” For those that are needle phobic, the laser takes just 15-minutes and is similar to the feeling of a smear test.

With an estimated 8 in 10 women suffering from stress urinary incontinence (SUI) it’s hoped that these sorts of treatments could either be a replacement for the scandal hit mesh implant, or as a temporary measure to keep symptoms at bay.

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